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CIRCULAR LOOM | 6 Shuttle Circular Loom | CS-6/75S

A.Working Ability
  a.Shuttle Speed 150-160 RPM
  b.Number Of Shuttle 6 SETS
  c.Weft Inserting Speed 900-960 INSERTIONS/MIN
  d.Weft Density 8-14 Pieces/Inch
  e.Weaving Width Range 45-75 Centimeters Lay Flat*
B. Yarn Package
  a.Yarn Type Standard PP or HDPE Flat Yarn
  b.Weft Tube(Bobbin) Inside Diameter 23 - 38 mm, Length 215 - 230 mm
  c.Weft Package Outside Diameter 85 mm Maximum, Traverse Within 8"
  d.Warp Tube(Bobbin) Inside Diameter 23 - 38 mm
  e.Warp Package Outside Diameter 120 mm Maximum
  f.Warp Creel Standard 720 Bobbins, Options Avaliable
C. Cloth Winder
  a.Winding Type Two - Roller Surface Winding
  b.Winding Roller Size Ø 164mm*1050 mml
  c.Diameter of Web Roll Ø 1000 mm Maximum
  d.Torque AC Motor 7.5 kg-cm/ 1 Set
  e.Production Display 3 Shifts Total Meter Equipped
D. Power
  a.Main Drive Motor 3 Phase, AC 4 Hp ( 4 Pole)
  b.Fan (Industial) Motor 3 Phase, AC 1/2 Hp
  c.Power Consumption below 5.0A at 150 RPM/Shuttle
  d.Total Power Required 3.5 kw
  e.Oil sprayer of cam Co-stepping pump with main motor & oil detector equipped
  f.Shuttle lubricaing pump 25W magenetic electric pump controlled by PLC
  g.Inverter PLC with relay system
h.Inverter Standard equipment 1 set made by DELTA
E. Layout & Packing
  a.Layout Space 9.00 (L) x 2.37 (W) x 2.70 (H) Meters
  b.Packing Gross Weight Net weight 2200 Kilograms Approximately
  c.Packing Measurement Approximtely 8 Cubic Meters, 6 Units/40" Container
  * Different Lay Flat Size Bag Require Corresponding Attachment(s) To Produce.
*Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.

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